María Elena Chan

María Elena Chan

Researcher at the University of Guadalajara with twenty years of experience in design and innovation in education. Foundress of the Institute of Knowledge and Learning Management in Virtual Environments. She is part of the Mexican National Researchers System. Maria Elena has taught more than 300 workshops on online educational design, training for competence and development of digital educational materials in Mexican institutions and abroad. Author of courses and educational materials for postgraduate courses of the Open University of Cataluña, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Net@learning Company (Argentina), FLACSO (Mexico), among other organizations.

Currently, she coordinates the project on Mega Trends in Higher Education, of the State Council for Higher Education Planning of the State of Jalisco (Mexico) as well as the Environments Scenarios and Virtual Education Objects Seminar (Initiative of the Organization of American States - OAS) since 2006; since 2010, acts as coordinator of the Education Community of the University Corporation for Internet Development (CUDI Mexico).


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