Buenos Aires

“Las tardecitas de Buenos Aires tiene ese qué sé yo, ¿viste?
Salís de tu casa por Arenales, lo de siempre en la calle y en vos...”

Balada para un loco, Astor Piazzolla y Horacio Ferrer

Buenos Aires is a beautiful and welcoming, attractive, seductive, alive city. Walk through La Recoleta, San Telmo, Caminito; soak in the beauty of its bookstores, visit the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, walk to get to Tortoni to breathe the best of the bohemian history of the city of Borges and enjoy a good coffee with the best "medialunas" is an unforgettable experience.

And it is precisely Buenos Aires the city that will receive the sixth edition of the TICAL Conference. Its climate is temperate thanks to the River Plate waters, which humidifies the air of the Argentine capital and allows the growing of trees on the cornices of the old buildings that reflect the European influence in the architectural design of TICAL2016 headquarters.

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