Canadian expert will give a lecture in TICAL2011

Researchers and experts in networking will be the speakers at TICAL2011, the first regional conference of Directors of Technology Higher Education institutions in Latin America. One of them is Bill St. Arnaud, one of the most important figures in the world of technology in Canada.
The Directors Network of Information Technology and Communication of the Latin American Universities (TICAL), driven RedCLARA, will hold its first regional conference, TICAL 2011 in Panama City on 20 and 21 June 2011. The event, unique in its nature, seeks to give an exchange of experiences regarding concerns when planning the management of technology in higher education.

To promote this exchange, international experts will be present, including Bill St. Arnaud, one of the most important figures in research and technology development in Canada and who was Chief Research Officer of CANARIE, the National Research and Education Canada.

St. Arnaud, who coordinated and implemented the first optical network research and development of the world, CA * net3, was also chief architect of the first optical network customers worldwide, CA * net4, and the concept of "user controlled lightpath" where groups of users within a community can acquire and share their own fiber networks to provide broadband services.

Today, St. Arnaud is an authority on the subject of green technologies. In fact, working on a program that seeks to computer networks have a carbon footprint equal to zero, so as not to impact the environment in universities.

In TICAL2011, St. Arnaud lead a presentation about the next generation of super computers, answering the question: will the direction of the telescopes or particle accelerators? "

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TICAL 2011 is coming up

On June 20 and 21 will take place the First Conference of Directors of Information and Communication Technologies for Higher Education Institutions. Anyone interested in participating can register through the form available at the official site of the event.

Until May 20: Extended deadline for paper submissions for TICAL 2011

Those involve with the management of TICs of the Latin-American universities are invited to present works, preferably on the topics defined by TICAL 2011 and according to the Guide of Authors published in the Web site of the Conference, through the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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