In TICAL2016: Join the meeting "CSIRT: Building confidence in the region"

banenr institucional mediumInnovaRed and CERTUNLP invite all who are interested in strengthen the security of their organizations to participate in the meeting, to be held during the sixth edition of the Conference of the latin american ICT directors. (Photo: CERTUnlp)

"CSIRT, building confidence in the region" will be carried out on the morning of Tuesday, September 13, between 9.30am and 11.30am, during the first day of activities of TICAL2016.

Currently, organizations are exposed to attacks that originate or terminate in their networks, services and applications. Because of this, it is important to have the ability to manage security incidents.

In this activity, CERTUNLP - Academic CSIRT of the National University of La Plata-, will share its experience with emphasis on:

  • Offering a view of the types of incidents that currently affect the academic networks
  • Encourage the creation of new teams to answer of security incidents, taking into account the requirements needed to set up a CSIRT and the process of attention to security incidents.
  • Present security monitoring strategies of networks and services
  • Convey the importance of having a safe and collaborative forum for exchange among security officials of various members of InnovaRed

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