Marc Hoit: “I am looking forward to see what ideas I can bring back to my campus and share with my peers”

hoitFrom the top of many years of experience, some profesionals simply just don’t give up on the desire of develop new ideas and projects to benefit the ICT Community. And this seems to be the case of the american Marc Hoit, one of the key international speakers of TICAL2016 and our interviewed. Hoit, who is Vice Chancellor for Information Technology at NC State University and Chair of the SURA IT Committee, confesses that is very excited to participate in TICAL2016, aiming to bring new ideas back to his country. We talked with him on his views about ICT in Latin America and his expectations for the Conference.

Register and participate! Lacnog @ Tical Workshop

lacnogticalThe first Lacnog @ Tical experience will be held in Buenos Aires with Universities participating at TICAL2016. At the workshop, Universities will share their experiences in hosting IXPs, installing CDNs, supporting community networks and helping their local Internet ecosystems. In order to participate, you have to be registered in TICAL2016 Conference (here) and in the workshop (here), that will be carried out within the paralel sessions of the evening of Wednesday 14 September.

There is often the misconception that network operator is a synonym of ISPs: in fact, Universities are "network operators" with an important experience in campus networks administration and the implementation of new technologies. As such, the know-how acquired in operational aspects of IPv6, multicast, Wi-Fi, virtualization, data centers and other technologies is a key value to be shared with the rest of the operators community.

In order to further engage Universities and Academia in LACNOG, a workshop for network operators from Universities will be carried out during the TICAL event in Buenos Aires. It will be the first experience for a Lacnog meeting co-organized with a major community and the organizers trust that bringing operational experiences to the Tical meeting will provide value to the well established community of ICT Directors and, at the same time, LACNOG participation will be promoted and increased with additional diversity.

At the workshop, Universities will share their experiences in hosting IXPs, installing CDNs, supporting community networks and helping their local Internet ecosystems. Those interactions and lesson learnt among universities, will result in increased collaboration, more efficient local Internet services and an augmented and improved LACNOG community.

The active participation of Directors and technical staff from different countries, makes it possible to discuss situations in universities across the region. The format of the workshop will encourage practical discussions, project planning, and case studies to promote new projects. Will serve both as a brainstorming exercise to address known issues and an incubator for new projects.

TICAL and LACNOG also opens up the possibility of making connections between institutions, thus promoting the creation of collaboration links in order to make the most of the synergies in the group.


The workshop is co-organized with RedCLARA’s technical forum, CLARA-TEC. The forum is led by the Technical Commission and its working groups. The technical working groups in RedCLARA are headed by engineers from member institutions. They coordinate the functioning of these groups in eight relevant areas, aiming to help the Latin-American National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) to deploy the most outstanding applications and new technologies for the benefits of their countries. CLARA-TEC and its working groups have supported, expanded and achieved significant Internet developments for Latin American education and research institutions.


LACNOG is the community of technical contacts for IP networks in Latin America and The Caribbean. LACNOG is effective in fostering discussions among diverse networks as long as they’re able to properly represent all the needs and sectors involved in the Internet. As other Network Operator Groups, their value is in the diversity of experiences from different actors.

The creation of co-located Lacnog events, aims to promote a space for knowledge and collaboration for technical people in other established communities, where it's possible to share experiences, exchange knowledge, promote initiatives, understand tendencies and address common issues, among others.

Join the MOOC workshop in TICAL2016

MOOC TICAL2016"Design of Open and Massive Courses based on Collaboration: the COOL model - Collaborative Open Online Learning" is the title of the workshop which will be taught by the mexican María Elena Chan (University of Guadalajara) during the parallel sessions of TICAL2016 (Wednesday, September 14, between 17h and 19h). Sign up and guarantee your place right now at

Workshop purposes:
Propose a design model of open and massive courses based on collaboration strategies.

  1. Key competences for the new millennium
  2. Definition of the challenges for online collaborative learning
  3. Design collaborative activities
  4. Methodological and technical implications to work collaboratively on massive courses

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Guillermo Tamarit: "We hope to enrich our perspective on ICT and get knowledge for our future projects"

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An amazing thing of events like TICAL is the quality of the participants that, from different sectors of the academic work, get involved to make the Conference a greater meeting. The 2016 edition will be no different and will count on the participation of authorities like the Dr. Guillermo Tamarit, president of the National Interuniversity Council (CIN) of Argentina and our guest today. Since March ahead of the institution that works in the coordination of policies and university development strategies and activities to promote the public system of higher education in Argentina, Tamarit will participate for the first time in TICAL. In this conversation, he tells us a little about his expectations for the event, on the importance of ICT in the development of universities in Argentina and how he believes that the Conference can enhance this process. (Photo: Ramiro Pereyra - La Voz)

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