Diana Rocío: "TICAL2016 will enhance reflections on Technology in Latin America"

dianarocioRemaining just over a month for TICAL the question is: what can we expect from the 2016’s edition? To answer it, no one is better than a member of the Conference Program Committee, and one that was in all the five editions of TICAL until now. We're talking about the colombian Diana Rocío Plata Arango. In this interview, Diana, who is also ICT director of the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, tells us a little about her expectations and on the preparations for the event, to be held between September 13 and 15, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ernesto Chinkes: "TICAL in Buenos Aires will be an event to remember forever"


The argentine Ernesto Chinkes is one of the most important actors in the development of TICAL in recent years and knows the Conference as few figures. He has been the chairman of its Program Committee in three consecutive years, and this year was named Honorary President. In 2016, however, the meeting will have a special taste for him. It is the first time that TICAL is carried out in Argentina. In this interview, Chinkes tells us a little about his expectations, on how institutions are preparing for the event and leave a message to encourage the participation of latin americans.

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